New Dimmable LED Bulbs From Muskegon Company

MUSKEGON — EarthTronics Thursday introduced new EarthBulb LED floodlights, the PAR20, PAR30 and PAR40.

Each of the bulbs renders the entire visible spectrum, provide a color rendering index of 95, and optimize both brilliant color rendering as well as drawing out white-point contrasts. They’re intended to maximize the visual experience in high color clarity applications found in art museums, retail display lighting and other architectural applications.

The optimal color and white-point rendering combined with smooth dimming technology to less than 5 percent on standard controls, make the EarthBulb LED PAR lamps ideal for use in display lighting, track lighting and recessed lighting applications for hospitality, restaurant, long-term care and retail locations.

EarthTronics designed the EarthBulb LED PAR20, PAR30 and PAR38 lamps to provide 500, 800 and 1200 lumens as a replacement for 50 watt, 75 watt and 120 watt incandescent and halogen floodlights. The EarthBulb LED PAR lamps are designed with the same form factor and beam pattern as the PAR lamps that they are replacing. In addition, they feature a durable lightweight plastic design with an integral aluminum cooling system that reduces stress on fixture components.

Each of the EarthBulb LED PAR floodlights offers:
* 3,000-degree Kelvin white light with high color rendering rating of 95
* Multi-chip, chip on board LED design with new thermal system
* 40 degree and 25 degree light beam angles are available
* Light weight design for light commercial and residential applications
* Wet location rating
* Advanced LED cooling system to ensure performance for up to 40,000 hours
* Energy Star rated with a 10 year warranty when used six hours per day

EarthBulb LED lamps are available at retailers nationwide and can be purchased online. For more information about EarthBulb products, visit

Founded in 2007, EarthTronics Inc. is a Michigan based company located in Muskegon. EarthTronics energy efficient lighting solutions include LED and CFL lamps from 5 watt to 65 watt that replace 25 watt to 300 watt incandescent lamps. More at

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