LLamasoft Supply Chain Software Moves Online

ANN ARBOR — The Ann Arbor supply chain design software developer LLamasoft Inc. has rolled out SupplyChainGuru.com, which the company says is the first software-as-a-service application solely focused on the supply chain design business process.

The company says SupplyChainGuru.com will help businesses manage very large data sets, quickly create supply chain models, run hundreds of what-if scenarios and collaborate with supply chain partners and others.

Included in the SupplyChainGuru.com application are:
* Scalability: Run up to 100 scenarios simultaneously and more rapidly solve large models
* Collaboration: Include planners and other stakeholders in the design process
* Knowledge Management: Centralize modeling data and analysis
* Mobility: Access models, solve status and analysis from any device or browser

LLamasoft president and CEO Don Hicks called SupplyChainGuru.com “part of a breakthrough platform that will revolutionize supply chain design and planning by enabling companies to model and design the supply chains they need to survive. With SupplyChainGuru.com, companies can migrate their supply chain models into the cloud to drive transformational change through agile planning processes. It’s the solution supply chain VPs have been waiting to find.”

Numerous LLamasoft Fortune 500 customers from industries including consuemr packaged goods, electronics, food and beverage, retail and automotive have already elevated supply chain models to SupplyChainGuru.com. To learn more, visit www.llamasoft.com/supply-chain-guru-com.html.

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