State OKs Skilled Trades Training Grants To 236 Michigan Companies

LANSING — The Michigan Workforce Development Agency announced Michigan Strategic Fund approval of nearly $8.6 million in Skilled Trades Training Fund program grants to 23 Michigan Works agencies around the state. The funds will be awarded to Michigan companies for skilled trades training to better match talent with employer needs.

Announced by Gov. Rick Snyder in 2013, the Skilled Trades Training Fund program provides competitive awards to Michigan Works agencies to fund employer-driven training in high-demand occupations. Participating businesses must commit to hire participants at the successful completion of classroom training, or in cases of on-the-job or incumbent worker training, retain the employees at the completion of training.

Today’s STTF recipients will distribute the funds to 236 Michigan employers in their regions, who will use the funds to improve the skills of 6,085 current employees and 2,529 new employees and create up to 771 new jobs.

Employers will combine the grants with an estimated $99 million in additional funds.

For a complete list of companies and STTF award amounts, visit this link.,5303,7-304-64365_64538-312972–,00.html

For more information on the Skilled Trades Training Fund program, visit the Workforce Development Agency at

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