IDEX Selects Secure-24 For ERP Hosting, Management

SOUTHFIELD — Secure-24, the managed IT services provider, said Monday it had been selected by Lake Forest, Ill.-basd Idex Corp. to host its JD Edwards ERP system.

Secure-24 will share the business with Atlanta, Ga.-based GSI, a JD Edwards consulting and managed services organization.

Idex is a publicly traded company engaged in the development, design, and manufacture of fluidics systems and specialty engineered products, including fire and safety products such as the “Jaws of Life”

Secure-24 currently hosts Idex’s JD Edwards environments that support over 65 percent of Idex’s revenue. With more than a decade of experience operating their business with a managed service provider, Idex elected to move all of its JD Edwards infrastructure and services to Secure-24 and GSI.

“Migrating to Secure-24’s Enterprise Private Cloud enables Idex to operate in a high performance, highly scalable environment with geographically diverse disaster recovery capabilities,” said Secure-24 CTO Sean Donaldson. “The transition went smoothly, and the Idex team was extremely knowledgeable about their infrastructure making the process a success. We look forward to our continued partnership with Idex by delivering and maintaining world-class infrastructure and JD Edwards expertise.”

GSI provides global 24/7 managed services for Idex including monitoring, upgrades, database refreshes and standard managed service operations such as troubleshooting, package builds and queue maintenance. The company also manages third-party software for Idex for monitoring, alarming and many other business processes.

“Working very closely with the Idex team, we were able to successfully migrate its complex global JD Edwards IT infrastructure to Secure-24’s private enterprise cloud in a little over five and a half months,” said Shawn Scanlon, executive vice president for advanced technology services at GSI.

“The three teams came together to deliver as promised, with a cost-benefit model that made sense for Idex,” said Jim MacLennan, senior vice president and CIO for Idex. “We are now well positioned to grow and sustain our business-critical application portfolio — and the transition to Secure-24 and GSI has reinforced the idea that well-run business partnerships deliver real business value.”

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