LEAP Launches Direct Foreign Investment Attraction Program With Italy Trip

LANSING — The Lansing Economic Area Partnership said this week that its business attraction manager, David Olson, is now traveling in Italy as part of the restructured LEAP business attraction program.

Olson will spend approximately three weeks connecting with business leads and developing relationships with Italian firms looking to expand or relocate into the Mid-Michigan region. He will work directly with more than 20 business leads, targeting each with a specific angle or connection to the Lansing region.

This Italian mission is the centerpiece of a new business attraction program at LEAP, which focuses on three strategies — site searches, one-on-one work with site consultants, and developing targeted direct foreign investment.

• Attend AMMA (an international humanitarian organization, Mata Amritananda Mayi) as a guest of its chairman and provide introductory presentations to the attendees about the Lansing region and Michigan and potential business and site opportunities;
• Participate in the Smart Mobility World Event, an event that connects the global automotive technology industry with potential suppliers world-wide including Michigan;
• Vet specific business leads for local startups and their Italian networks;
• Participate in Talent Garden, a Startup Weekend-like experience with local entrepreneurs that works to further develop business ideas through a fast-paced 3-day model;
• Attend the Foreign Affairs Ministry Club and work to connect companies with export and import opportunities from North America to Italy; and
• Further develop relationships with Italian Universities and conduct two-day long seminars on LEAP’s Regional Innovation Network model and business opportunities;

“This Italian trip is just the beginning of LEAP’s aggressive attraction effort. These types of programs are something that our economic development counterparts in other regions have successfully focused on for years,” said Bob Trezise, president and CEO of LEAP. “We are expecting strong outcomes and specific measurables to be met from this effort, which is something that our region finally deserves.”

During his time abroad, Olson will be writing a blog to keep the region alongside him. You can read his blog at www.purelansing.com/blog.

LEAP is a coalition of area leaders committed to building a prosperous and vibrant region where business can thrive. To do this, we help entrepreneurs start new businesses, help existing businesses grow, and attract new businesses to the region. For more information about LEAP, please visit www.purelansing.com.

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