New App For Design Profit 6 Sigma Defect Rate Converter

TROY — The Troy manufacturing consulting company Munro & Associates Inc. announced the release of the Design Profit 6 Sigma Defect Rate Converter App.

The company says the app allows engineers to quickly, easily and accurately convert among defect rate in parts per million, defects per million opportunities, the process capability index, right first time – first time yield or sigma level.

Users simply enter one of the values within its proper range and the Six Sigma Defect Rate Converter calculates the other three.

Munro says the app allows users to easily and quickly calculate statistical process metrics for quality improvement, productivity, reliability and forecasting. Users, such as engineers, manufacturing floor managers, students, professors and anyone Six Sigma certified, can use this app to access information while on the go, on the shop floor, at the user’s desk, or as an at-home reference.

The new app for Android users is available for purchase for 99 cents at this Google Play link.

Design Profit Inc. was started by Sandy Munro of Munro & Associates, Inc. to develop, market and sell the Design Profit software, an analytical process that roots out waste and inefficiency in traditional product design by reducing part count and simplifying assembly. The software unites financial, executive, engineering and manufacturing departments with a strong cross-disciplinary business case for maximum profit, quality and value.

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