Ford, Wind Company Bringing Clean Energy To Ford Dealers

DEARBORN — Ford Motor Co. has announced a collaboration with Wind Energy Corp. to bring a new source of clean energy to its dealers.

Under a pilot program exclusive to Ford, Wind Energy Corp. will install a “wind sail” wind generator and 7-kilowatt solar panel system at four Ford dealerships, an investment of nearly $750,000.

Each installation, called the “Windy System,” will deliver about 20,000 kilowatts of electricity a year, enough to power two average-sized homes or charge a Ford Focus Electric 870 times, or a Fusion Energi or C-Max Energi 2,600 times. Each system will offset nearly 14 tons of greenhouse gases a year.

At the Ford dealerships, the Windy System will help power dealership infrastructure like parking lot lighting and electric vehicle charging stations.

The wind sails will be emblazoned with the Ford blue oval logo and
the name of the dealership — serving as a symbol of Ford and its
dealers’ commitment to sustainability.

Participating dealers are electric vehicle-certified and were selected
by Ford and Wind Energy Corp. for both their exceptional
commitment to clean energy and their wind and solar-efficient
locations. Installations of the systems are set to begin in early 2015
and be completed by spring. Once installed, the dealerships will keep the systems permanently.

Participating dealers are:
* Dana Ford Lincoln, Staten Island, N.Y.
* Tom Holzer Ford, Farmington Hills
* The Ford Store, Morgan Hill, Calif.
* Fiesta Ford, Indio, Calif.

“What sets the Windy System apart is its combination of wind, solar,
and market impact. It is a branded beacon of sustainability that
delivers both energy and a point of view,” said Jack Phillips, COO of
Wind Energy.

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