ESD Sets Technology Century Editorial Calendar For 2015

SOUTHFIELD — The Engineering Society of Detroit has announced the 2015 schedule of issues for the society’s quarterly print magazine, Technology Century.

As finalized by the Technology Century Editorial Board, the schedule will be as follows:

2015, Issue 1 — Whatever Happened to the Future? 2015 was that far-off year in the future that Marty McFly and “Doc” visited in the 1985 sci-fi movie “Back To The Future.” So whatever happened to that future? Where’s my flying car? Where’s my hoverboard? Where’s my hydrating instant oven? We’ll answer those questions — as well as tap into the future of intelligent transportation systems, electric vehicles, robotics, education, and democracy itself. Deadline: Feb. 15. Publication date: March 15

2015, Issue 2 — Climate: Engineering for the Extremes. The world needs to plan for wild weather swings and extremes — and the damage to the built environment that they cause, from power outages to floods to damage to roads and sewage and water systems. How is the engineering community preparing for this? We’ll talk to everyone from utilities to agricultural experts for best management practices. Deadline: May 15. Publication date: June 15

2015, Issue 3 — Engineering and the Arts. We’ll look at everything from high-tech graphic arts to 3D printing systems to the latest in imaging, machine vision and camera systems. We’ll talk to Detroit art institutions like the College for Creative Studies and more. Deadline: Aug. 15. Publication date: Sept. 15.

2015, Issue 4 — Nanotech. We’ll update our coverage from six years ago on all things small. We’re looking at paints that insulate, window coatings that generate electricity, tiny particles in chemical technologies and solar power. Deadline: Nov. 1. Publication date: Dec. 1.

For more information on contributing articles to the quarterly publications, contact Matt Roush, Technology Century managing editor, at (248) 353-0735, ext. 112, or For more information on advertising in the publication, contact Elana Shelef, ESD director of corporate relations, at (248) 353-0735, ext. 119, or

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