Duo Security Joins Alliance For Universal Second Factor Authentication

ANN ARBOR — The two-factor authentication technology provider Duo Security has announced its products are now FIDO Ready — they support the new Fast ID Online (FIDO) Universal Second Factor specifications.

Duo Security joins Google, Yubico and other members of the FIDO Alliance to launch this phishing-resistant authentication method to consumers and organizations.

The goal of this new authentication standard is to further simplify and strengthen the two-factor authentication process, in an effort to expand adoption of the security method to a larger number of users. When used in the Google Chrome browser today, FIDO U2F tokens are immune to one of the most common credential attacks today, phishing.

“FIDO U2F devices are similar to a smart card, but redesigned for the modern web with one tap convenience,” said Sampath Srinivas, working group chair of FIDO U2F and product management director at Google. “It’s great to see B2B vendors like Duo Security working so quickly to add FIDO U2F support for organizations.”

By offering FIDO U2F for its customers, Duo Security continues to make advanced security available to businesses of all sizes. Duo provides cutting-edge technology that protects users, data and applications with a focus on streamlined usability.

Said Jon Oberheide, Duo Security co-founder and CTO: “We believe in allowing organizations to cover all kinds of users, in all kinds of environments, with the intent to adapt our strong authentication to users’ needs. Now, we’re enabling our customers to use phishing-proof authentication devices for any web app protected by Duo.”

Duo Security worked with the FIDO Alliance and its member companies to implement the FIDO U2F specifications, driving this modern authentication system for consumers and businesses. While FIDO U2F is initially being deployed for a consumer audience, Duo Security recognized that this same technology would dramatically increase the security and usability of strong authentication in businesses.

To date, Duo Security’s two-factor authentication service has provided the security foundation for more than 5,000 organizations to protect their distributed users and distributed infrastructure. For more information on Duo Security and its FIDO Ready products, visit www.duosecurity.com/u2f and follow @duosec on Twitter.

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