ElectriPlast Announces New Conductive Plastics

CANTON TWP. — Integral Technologies Inc. (OTC: ITKG) announced Monday that its subsidiary ElectriPlast Corp. had developed two new conductive plastics.

The company said the focus of these new materials is the high performance shielding market and applications that will use ElectriPlast as a conductor. These new products will be protected by existing patents, with additional opportunities to add to Integral’s IP portfolio from innovations achieved during product development.

The first material is a lightweight, high strength conductive material with an inner core of unplated acrbon fiber. The second material is a highly conductive material using copper plated carbon fiber. Both materials can be formulated with most base resins, including ABS, PA66, PBT, PC, and PP.

ElectriPlast said technical information will be made available on the new materials in the next few weeks, and at that time orders will be accepted for them.

“These new products are a continuation of our product portfolio expansion to meet our customers’ growing needs,” stated Mo Zeidan, ElectriPlast chief technology officer. “Selecting the right ElectriPlast pellet is critical in creating a solution for a successful application and these two new products provide additional options.”

The unplated carbon fiber pellet is a lower cost solution for applications requiring lightweight EMI shielding — specifically, consumer electronics products, where shielding is critical — but which also require strong, lightweight materials for mobility purposes. Depending on the loading of the carbon fiber to resin, attenuation ranged from 30dB at 30Mhz to nearly 55dB at 3 Ghz with wall thickness between 1mm to 3mm. Higher loading of carbon fiber will increase the shielding effectiveness.

“For those applications where cost is a major driver, including consumer electronics, this product is the perfect mix of performance and price,” Zeidan said.

Increased requirements for light weighting and resistance to harsh environments have created an opportunity for highly conductive polymers to replace metal conductors in future applications.

“Polymers capable of carrying high current with low ROA did not exist and our focus has been on creating material formulations, product processes and product interfaces to enable functional electric heaters, highly conductive traces and grounding planes,” said Slobodan “Bob” Pavlovic, vice president of engineering at ElectriPlast. “Different formulations were tested with continuous current ranging from one amp to 100 amps, resulting in product temperatures well below heat deflection temperatures of selected polymers. We see great opportunities for this product line in the area of integrated heaters, ground planes, 3D PCB’s, and integrated antennas. In parallel with material development, our applications engineering team is developing design solutions, making and testing prototypes to prove the technology and create product design to meet customer specifications.”

ElectriPlast, is a non-corrosive, electrically conductive resin-based material whose properties allow it to be molded into any of the infinite shapes and sizes associated with plastics, rubbers and other polymers while reducing component weight by 40 to 60 percent. Applications include wire, power electronics, connectors and cables, shielding, conduction, batteries, semiconductors, heated elements, sensors, antennas, medical devices, consumer electronics, acoustics, fuses, capacitors, resistors, RFID devices, bus bars, and terminals.

More at www.electriplast.com.

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