Arotech Training And Simulation Division Gets $9.1M Orders

ANN ARBOR — Arotech Corp. (Nasdaq: ARTX) Monday announced that its Training and Simulation Division has received $9.1 million in new orders and contract modifications.

The company said the orders were highlighted by significant awards for its embedded ZAP pilot weapon employment software, on-site contractor logistical support for its fielded VCTS and BOSS units, and live-fire MILO Range training solutions.

“This very strong end to the third quarter is indicative of the continued solid performance of our Training and Simulation Division,” said Arotech president and CEO Steven Esses. “Our success in delivering on our larger programs has led directly to continued substantial follow-on opportunities while we continue our program of bringing in new customers.”

Arotech’s Training and Simulation Division develops, manufactures, and markets advanced multimedia and interactive training hardware and software for engineering, use-of-force, and operator training simulations used by military, law enforcement, security, municipal and private industry personnel.

Includded are vehicle simulator technology enabling training in situation awareness, risk analysis and decision-making, emergency reaction and avoidance procedures, conscientious equipment operation, and crew coordination.

The division’s use-of-force training products and services allow organizations to train their personnel in safe and realistic environments.

The division also supplies pilot decision-making support software for the F-15, F-16, F-18, F-22, and F-35 aircraft, simulation models for the ACMI/TACTS air combat training ranges, and Air-Refueling Boom Arm simulators.

The divison is comprised of FAAC Inc. (, MILO Range Training Systems (, and Realtime Technologies (

More about the company overall at

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