Walker-Miller Energy On The Grow

DETROIT — A Detroit energy management company, Walker-Miller Energy Services LLC, is on the hunt for a new, larger home and is hiring.

Carla Walker-Miller, president and CEO, says the changing energy industry and changes in the way businesses use energy are driving growth for the company.

“Every business has energy issues,” Walker-Miller said.

The company has grown from 28 employees to 40 employees so far in 2014, and Walker-Miller said she expects the company to grow to 60 employees by the end of 2015. That, she said, will require a move to a larger Detroit office.

Walker-Miller said the company is hiring its second and third electricians, a second engineer and an operations director.

Walker-Miller provides utility cost management and energy consulting for businesses, and provides home energy assessment to individual homeowners in conjunction with Michigan’s major utilities.

More at http://www.wmenergy.com/.

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