New Software From Altair's SolidThinking

TROY — The SolidThinking Inc. business unit of Altair Engineering Inc. announced the release of the latest version of SolidThinking Inspire.

The company said the new version adds multiple new features, enabling design engineers, product designers, and architects to create and investigate structurally efficient concepts quickly and easily — leading to reductions in cost, development time, material consumption, and product weight.

Important new features in SolidThinking Inspire 2014 include geometry simplification tools, linear static analysis, concentrated mass parts, and smoothing options as well as the ability to export solid geometry.

“With SolidThinking Inspire 2014 we focused on enhancing the concept development process by proposing designs that can be rapidly iterated and easily exported to the user’s preferred computer-aided design tool,” says Andy Bartels, program manager for SolidThinking Inspire. “We put a strong emphasis on improving the usability of the software while adding new features like geometry simplification tools for easier model setup and analysis to help users verify their concepts, all directly in the Inspire interface. These new features will allow customers to apply Inspire to a much broader set of design problems.”

For a collection of new videos, a tour of the new user interface, a comprehensive overview of the latest features added for 2014 and an overview of how the software fits into the product design process, visit http:// The site also features customer tutorials created specifically for the SolidThinking Inspire 2014 release, product demos and an interactive infographic.

SolidThinking Inspire is used by design engineers, product designers, and architects in multiple industries including aerospace, automotive, heavy industry, architecture, and consumer products.

Earlier this year, SolidThinking released SolidThinking Evolve 2014. Evolve allows industrial designers to develop forms faster, using either a Windows PC or Mac. Evolve captures an initial sketch, then allows exploration of styling alternatives and the visualization of products with high quality renderings generated in real time. It combines both the modeling freedom of organic surfaces and the control of parametric solids with its unique ConstructionTree history feature. Evolve releases designers from the constraints of engineering-oriented CAD tools, while allowing the export of digital models required by others in the product development process.

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