Ann Arbor, Lansing On New List Of 50 Best College Towns in America

GRANDVILLE — Best College Reviews, a Grandville-based college search and rankings website, has published a ranking of the 50 best college towns in America.

Both Ann Arbor and Lansing were on the list, available at

Boulder, Colo. leads the list, which was based on community livability, cultural offerings, the school’s prominence in the community and the presence of large employers.

Ann Arbor was second on the list, and Madison, Wis. was third. The Lansing area was rated No. 49.

According to Merrill Cook, lead editor for the piece, the emergence of smaller towns and cities with strong local college presence, strong economies, and many of the amenities of larger cities provide some of the best places to study — and to live and work after graduation.

“College towns are where great ideas, lifestyles, and communities coexist.” Cook said. “We hope this ranking will help guide prospective students, employers, or those searching for the right place to settle down with a well documented and helpful view into the fifty best college towns in America.”

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