Diplomat Gets Distribution Deal For New Cancer Drug

FLINT — Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy announced that it has been selected as a provider of Zydelig tablets.

Zydelig was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on July 23 for the treatment of three B-cell blood cancers.

Said Diplomat president Gary Kadlec: “Our expertise in working with limited-distribution drugs along with our comprehensive patient care programs provides the support needed to improve patient compliance, adherence and outcomes.”

Zydelig is indicated for the treatment of relapsed follicular B-Cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma, small lymphocytic lymphoma, and in combination with rituximab for patients with relapsed chronic lymphocytic leukemia. More than 200,000 patients in the United States are living with FL, SLL or CLL, which are slow-growing incurable blood cancers that can lead to life-threatening complications such as anemia, serious infection and bone marrow failure.

Zydelig is manufactured by Foster City, Calif.-based Gilead Sciences. Full prescribing information is available at www.gilead.com.

Diplomat serves patients and physicians in all 50 states as the nation’s largest independent specialty pharmacy. Headquartered in Flint, the company focuses on medication management programs for people with specialized, long-term medical needs, including oncology, immunology, hepatitis, multiple sclerosis, HIV, infusion therapy and many other serious or chronic conditions.

More at www.diplomat.is.

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