Webb Employee Gets Patent For Automated Guided Vehicles

FARMNIGTON HILLS — Christopher Murphy, vice president of software and control engineering at Jervis B. Webb Co., has been awarded a United States patent as the sole inventory of an automated guided vehicle system that allows for synchronized travel.

In the patented synchronized system, AGVs travel at an equal distance continuously along a line or path. This continuous motion allows AGVs to be used in assembly operations, replacing traditional conveyor systems.

AGVs offer increased flexibility over conveyors, because the path can be quickly installed and modified to meet changing production needs. AGV systems are also scalable, allowing capacity to be easily increased or decreased by adding or removing vehicles.

Jervis B. Webb is a subsidiary of Daifuku Webb Holding Co. and provides material handline technology.

“We are fortunate to have Chris among our team of software and control engineers,” said Daifuku Webb chairman, president and CEO Brian Stewart. “His innovative spirit of developing new systems helps us better serve our customers. We encourage and celebrate our colleagues’ contributions, which ultimately keep us ahead in the material handling industry.”

Webb provides AGV installations for manufacturing plants and warehouses around the world. AGVs provide optimal flexibility and are ideal for moving materials around an assembly plant or transporting goods throughout a plant or warehouse.

A white paper about synchronized AGV systems in the manufacturing industry is available for download at http://lead.daifukuwebb.com/assembly-white-paper-download.

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