Muskegon Firm Rolls Out New LED Bulbs

MUSKEGON — EarthTronics, the Muskegon LED lighting manufacturer, announced a new line of EarthBulb Plus enhanced-color LED light products.

EarthTronics says the EarthBulb Plus provides a very high color rendering index of greater than 92 and a balance of the important R9 visible red within the full lighting spectrum. The result is naturally appearing colors and skin tones.

Visual acuity and eye comfort is also a benefit of the improved color quality of the EarthBulb Plus product line.

The EarthBulb Plus enhanced color LED technology can be found in EarthTronics general purpose “A” style light bulbs, BR reflector floodlight bulbs, PAR directional display bulbs and also in a fice- and six-inch recessed ceiling fixture trim kit.

These lighting products have applications in art museums, retail stores, hotels, restaurants and personal residences.

The new EarthBulb Plus LED light bulb product line exceeds the voluntary California Quality Light Emitting Diode Lamp Specification issued by the California Energy Commission for LED lamps used in residential applications. This specification, commonly referred to as “CEC” or “California Quality Spec,” has set a LED lamp performance baseline that is more stringent than Energy Star.

The EarthBulb Plus products provide a color rendering index of greater than 92 with an R9 greater than 50. This ensures a higher quality of light and a balance of the R9 visible red within the full lighting spectrum.

EarthBulb LED products also offer smooth, full-range dimming from 100 percent to less than 10 percent.

The lamps are rated from 25,000 to 50,000 hours’ life with up to a 10-year limited warranty.

EarthBulb Plus products include:
* 13-watt, A19 LED omni-directional general purpose bulbs that provides 800 lumen, replacing 60-watt incandescent light bulbs.
* 13-watt, BR30 and BR40 LED reflector floodlights that are 700 lumen and replace 65-watt flood incandescent bulbs.
* PAR20, PAR30 and PAR30 lamps ranging from eight to 23 watts to replace halogen PAR lamps.

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