Detroit's Gets Solar Deal In New England

DETROIT — The Detroit solar power engineering company has announced a master service agreement with Simsbury, Conn.-based C-Tec Solar to supply services on residential solar systems being installed by C-Tec throughout New England.

Greenlancer supplies permit drawings, component lists, interconnection applications and more to the solar power industry, using a nationwide staff of green energy engineering freelancers, or greenlancers.

“When you read about efforts to cut ‘soft costs,’ this is exactly what they mean,” said C-Tec project manager Josh Ferguson. “For start-ups and veterans alike, the engineering phase in solar design has frequently been a bottleneck. In the race to cut costs and turnaround time, we turn to because the economics of solar energy are changing… After doing our homework, we partnered with because of their unique online engineering and design services allow us to scale up to meet increasing demand for permit packages and interconnection applications, and still get the work done right the first time.”

Visitors to C-Tec Solar’s website can connect with solar specialists, who will help them sign up for the best solar power plan available in their region. The C-Tec solar specialists take into account factors such as location, energy usage, size of home and available tax incentives to propose accurate, competitive quotes. With detailed financial assessments, they show homeowners how much money they can save on their energy bills by going solar. Those who decide to move forward will get electrical and permit drawings through CEO Michael Sharber said the C-Tec contract is one of the largest master service agreements his company has signed.

“C-Tec Solar has an outstanding reputation and an impressive track record of providing state-of-the-art solar systems and we’re proud to be working with them as they expand their expertise to the U.S. market,” Sharber said. “We’re confident we can meet their exacting standards and deliver the cost-effective solutions they need. We look forward to expanding our relationship with them.” has now worked on more than 70 megawatts of solar generating capacity in project in 32 states, six countries and four continents.

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