Advanced Photonix, Arotech Get Big Orders

ANN ARBOR — Two Ann Arbor companies, Advanced Photonix Inc. (NYSE:API) and Arotech Corp. (Nasdaq: ARTX) Wednesday announced major new orders for their products.

API said it had completed a three-year extendable purchase agreement with an unnamed “major process control customer.” The agreement is worth more than $1.25 million of industrial system sales of its T-Gauge terahertz sensor equipment.

Terahertz radiation occupies a spot on the electromagnetic spectrum between microwaves and infrared light. Little understood and hard to generate before the 1990s, “T-rays” are now being eyed for a variety of testing and security applications. Among their most interesting properties — they “see through” many materials without packing the damaging, ionizing punch of X-rays. That makes them ideal for sensing and measurement applications.

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Meanwhile, Arotech said its Training and Simulation Division had received $3.5 million in new orders.

The Nashville Metropolitan Transportation Authority purchased FAAC Inc.’s MB-2000-V8 bus driving simulator. And Arotech’s Realtime Technologies received an award from University of New South Wales for 12 networked research simulators to be installed at campus locations at both the University New South Wales and Sydney University to study inter-vehicle connectivity and future highway designs.

The division provides multimedia and interactive digital operator training systems for engineering, use-of-force, and operator training simulations for military, law enforcement, security, municipal and private industry personnel. The division’s operator training systems enable training in situation awareness, risk analysis and decision-making, emergency reaction and avoidance procedures, conscientious equipment operation, and crew coordination. The division’s use-of-force training products and services allow organizations to train their personnel in safe, productive, and realistic environments. The division also supplies pilot decision-making support software for the F-15, F-16, F-18, F-22, and F-35 aircraft, simulation models for the ACMI/TACTS air combat training ranges, and Air-Refueling Boom Arm simulators.

Arotech’s Training and Simulation Division consists of FAAC Incorporated (, IES Interactive Training (, and Realtime Technologies (

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